Learning angles and degrees

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Learning carpet for learning angles and degrees, approx. 100 x 38 cm, ingenious Montessori demonstration material

Antistatic, slip-resistant, Made in Germany

Today we are taking the circle apart, or rather, we are learning to understand angles. To do this, simply put the learning carpet under a door and move it. Already obtuse, right and acute angles become tangible. It's so ingeniously simple! All you need is about 4 mm of space between the door and the floor. While doing this, we find out that a full angle is 360 degrees. This comes in handy because 360 ​​is a highly composite number. By the way, angles can be easily converted into fractions!

Application, advantages, areas of application for this Montessori material:

    • Simply explain angles with illustrative material

    • Differentiate between angles according to their properties (acute, obtuse, right angle)

    • Learn to understand degrees - the unit of measurement for angles

    • Practice angular dimensions and angular widths on the illuminating example

    • Montessori material Made in Germany for school children from 8 years

Scope of the Montessori material on mathematics:
1 learning carpet approx. 100 x 38 cm, height approx. 4 mm, non-slip, anti-static, flame retardant.


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