Colored and golden pearl staircase

Colored and golden pearl staircase

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Colored and golden pearl staircase to the Seguin tafeln, for the representation of numbers

Plastic beads, each approx. 7 mm

The colored pearl material is the arithmetic material badly. The different numbers of pearls and the different colors each represent the value of a digit. Ideal to supplement work with the Seguintafeln. The values ​​shown on the boards are topped up with the pearls.

Application, advantages, areas of application for this Montessori material:

    • To supplement the Seguintafeln I and II

    • for small arithmetic problems with pearls

    • Pearl staircase to get to know the numerical values

    • in Montessori colors of the numerical values

    • Montessori material for children from 4 years

Scope of the Montessori material:
2 storage boxes made of wood, each approx. 13 x 8 x 2.5 cm
1 complete colored pearl staircase (1 - 10), plastic, pearl diameter approx 7 mm,
18 x golden 10 pearl sticks, plastic, pearl diameter approx 7 mm
10 golden single pearls, plastic, pearl diameter approx. 7 mm
1 setting strip for golden single pearls, wood

Instructions for the Montessori pearl staircase

An adult takes the red one-pearl and holds it with the index finger and thumb of the left hand. With the index finger of his right hand, he runs across it from left to right and counts aloud to one, continuing up to the tens bar. It is always counted from left to right.

The pearl staircase from one to nine is laid out. Now one or more bars is/are removed and put back in the right place by the child.

What color are the five?

Which number belongs to the green stick?

Which bars together are as big as these?

Which bar is the next smallest?


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