Metal Inserts

Metal Inserts

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Metal figures that promote the basics of writing

22-piece set, including 2 wooden shelves

The metal mission figures support hand-eye coordination. When working with the mission figures, children learn the first, important basic skills of writing.

An insert frame is placed on a sheet of white paper and the shape is traced. The corresponding insert is then moved over it until the figure you have dragged is covered. Then the outline is drawn with another color. The remaining area is filled with parallel lines. This is repeated with all figures.

Use, advantages, areas of application for this Montessori material:

    • Practicing holding a pen (tweezer grip)

    • Learn to work precisely with pens

    • Preliminary stage for swing exercises

    • Practice writing movements

    • Montessori material for children from 4 years

    • Train eye/hand coordination

Scope of the Montessori material:
2 wooden shelves, approx. 60 x 17 x 2 cm
10 metal insert frames, each 14 x 14 cm
10 metal insert figures

Instructions for the Montessori material Metal inserts

The five metal inserts (with straight lines) triangle, square, rectangle, trapezoid and pentagon are placed on the first wooden shelf.

The five metal inserts (with curved lines) egg, circle, ellipse, circular arc triangle and quatrefoil are placed on the second wooden shelf.

First, work with the wooden strip with the curved inserts. The insert figure with the circle is removed from this.

The adult places this on the table in front of him. He takes the blue circle insert from the red frame and puts it to one side. Now he draws the circle in the red frame with a colored pencil. Then this is put away and the blue circle is pushed over the drawn one.
The circle outline can be traced again with a different color. Then the inner surface of the drawn circle is filled with parallel lines with another color.
Now it is passed to the child.

All other mission figures are also introduced.


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