World Puzzle

World Puzzle

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Big world puzzle, learn continents and the world map with Montessori

Wood, ca. 57 x 44 cm

An educational journey through the whole world is available to every child with this puzzle. The individual continents are each represented by their own insert and have different colours. The continents only fit into the cutouts in the base plate.

Application, advantages, areas of application for this Montessori material:

    • Introduction and use of geographic terms

    • Gaining an understanding of the size of continents, seas and countries

    • Finding continents, etc.

    • Develop a feeling for the distances between continents and countries

    • Montessori material for children from 5 years

Scope of the Montessori material:
1 base plate, wood, approx. 57 x 44 cm
9 continents inserts (7 continents of which 2 are divided)

Instructions for the Montessori world map

The adult puts the world map in front of him on the table (as in our article picture - the white puzzle pieces on the two world globe parts are at the bottom). He takes the individual continents with the three-finger grip (thumb, index and middle finger) from the puzzle and places them on the table. Now he takes the piece of the puzzle of a continent in his right hand, circles the outline with the index and middle fingers of his left hand for clarity, and finally inserts it into the world map.

After that, it is handed over to the child.

The three-step lesson is carried out as a follow-up exercise.
The individual continents are now named.
Bottom to top:

Left side:
white: Antarctica
pink: South America
orange: North America
yellow: Asia

Right side:
white: Antarctica
brown: Australia
green: Africa
red: Europe
yellow: Asia

Three-step lesson:

1st step - This is ...:
The adult takes out three very different continents (e.g. Asia, Europe and South America), put them in front of you and name them one after the other:
This is Asia - This is Europe - This is South America

2nd level - Show me ...:
Please give me Europe - Please lay Asia on the chair - Show me South America please - please take Europe and put it next to Asia ...

3rd level - What is it? :
The adult points to a continent and asks: What is it?

Little by little, all continents are introduced.

which continent do we live on?
Size comparisons of different continents (e.g. Europe - Asia)


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