Sandpaper Globle land and water

Sandpaper Globle land and water

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Globe, land and water surfaces with sandpaper surface, Montessori material on geography

Plastic on wooden base, approx. 22 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm

The globe enables even young children to travel around the world with their fingertips. The continents are provided with a special sandpaper surface. The surface of the sea is smooth, so children can tell the difference between land and water.

Application, advantages, areas of application for this Montessori material:

    • Gaining an understanding of the proportions of continents to seas

    • Develop a feeling for the distance between continents

    • Recognize the ratio of water to landmass

    • Recognize the earth as a sphere

    • Introduction and use of geographic terms

    • Montessori material for children from 3 years

Scope of the Montessori geography material:
globe with wooden base, total approx. 22 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm, globe diameter: approx. 16.5 cm

Instructions for the sandpaper globe

The adult puts the globe on the table. He touches a land, then a water surface and names it (land, water). Now he turns the ball a little further and touches all land and water surfaces one after the other, always naming them correctly.
After that, it is handed over to the child.

With the help of a flashlight, you can show the development of day and night by rotating the globe.


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