Grammar Symbols

Grammar Symbols

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Part of speech symbols for laying, a practical Montessori material for determining the parts of speech

made of wood, including a practical storage box

Different parts of speech are represented in Montessori pedagogy with the part of speech symbols. This makes it easy for the child to see how a sentence is structured and what types of words it consists of. A sentence is written and the corresponding part of speech symbols are placed over the individual words.

Use, advantages, areas of application for this Montessori material:

    • Getting to know the different parts of speech

    • Parts of speech work on text

    • Montessori material from 6 years of age

    • quick assignment of parts of speech in texts

    • Memorize parts of speech faster through pictorial memorization

Scope of the Montessori language material:
1 storage box with lid, wood, approx. 23 x 17 x 3 cm
10 x large red dot = verb, approx. 4.5 cm diameter
10 x small light blue triangle = article
10 x small dark blue triangle = adjective
10 x large black triangle = noun
10 x green crescent = preposition
10 x golden form = interjection
10 x pink rectangle = conjunction
10 x orange circle = adverb
10 x purple triangle = pronoun

Instructions for the part of speech symbols according to Maria Montessori

A sentence is written down in the exercise book or on a sheet of paper, or the children are given ready-made worksheets with sentences. There should be enough space above each sentence so that the child can place the corresponding part-of-speech symbols over the individual words.

Each sentence is read through with concentration, several times if necessary.
Then the part of speech is determined for each word. Our overview of the parts of speech (as a free download in the additional material) can also help here. The corresponding symbol is placed over the word.

In this way, the parts of speech are practiced and consolidated.

If the child cannot determine the part of speech for a word or cannot determine it with certainty, it underlines it. Unsure words should then be explained again in detail.

The success control is carried out either by the teacher or by means of ready-made solution sheets.


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